Vacu-Blast was established in Australia to provide an eco-friendly and efficient cleaning service for both residential and commercial properties. Our experienced team of technicians can assess your project and provide advice and a cost estimate to remove, clean and restore your surface.

  • Vacu-Blast comprises a team of dedicated tradesmen, all of whom are devoted to solving the challenges faced by you and your property.
  • Our technology is 100% Eco-Friendly cleaning and restoring without chemicals or water
  • Our technology produces no harmful emissions or hazardous waste as a by-product of its use. It literally "cleans up after itself" leaving no mess
  • We can clean & restore your surface within working hours without affecting your family, clients or suppliers. Be it interior or exterior.
  • We possess the knowledge and ability to successfully remove graffiti and stains from virtually any type of surface.
  • Vacu-Blast is wholly owned and managed ensuring our clients are always provided with the most competitive rates
  • Before & after photos are taken of every clients individual project to allow quality project to ensure the highest possible standards of quality assurance
  • We pledge to always respond promptly to any service or quote request.
Cleaning Technology
The Vacu-Blast advanced cleaning system designed and manufactured with world renowned German Technology uses a unique and revolutionary vacuum blast method that does not require water or chemicals. This 100% Eco-friendly technology is the ideal alternative to pressure washers and dry ice blasting.

This minimally abrasive technology creates a gentle but deep cleansing action that will de-varnish and remove lacquers and other contaminants from most surfaces. Using the vacuum blast methodology, our equipment cleans in a continuous cycle. Used granules from our various agents are filtered and then recycled to create a continuous jet stream throughout the cleaning process. Our innovative cleaning technology can restore just about any surface back to its original condition with minimal impact to the underlying substratum and surrounds.