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Abrasive Blasting & Protective Coating Services

Using advanced technology, the experienced team at VacuBlast offer a complete On-Site & In-House Sandblasting and Protective Coating service in Melbourne and Sydney. We specialise in a wide variety of services in the surface preparation and restoration industry, including refurbishment of commercial properties, corrosion control of refineries and the maintenance of major government assets.

Our proven methodology allows us to remove unwanted surface contaminants such as tough coatings, corrosion and paint, restoring surfaces to original architectural condition. Additionally offering surface preparation and protective coating solutions applied to specification, assisting the overall corrosion control industry.

On-Site Services

Brick & Stone Restoration

Brick & Stone Restoration

We can restore a number of stone and brick surfaces to original condition, removing mortar, paint, stains and more.

Paint Stripping

Paint Stripping

We can effectively strip paint from any hard surface, returning the surface to original condition.

Steel Sandblasting

Steel Sandblasting

Steel Sandblasting in Melbourne & Sydney Specialising in sandblasting all types of steel for commercial and industrial clients in Melbourne & Sydney, VacuBlast can restore…

Concrete Sandblasting

Concrete Sandblasting

Concrete Sandblasting Melbourne & Sydney VacuBlast offers a complete onsite solution for concrete sandblasting, assisting project managers, architects and industrial cliental throughout the Melbourne and…

Why Choose VacuBlast

  • Advanced Technology

    Advanced Technology

    We use the latest Wet & Dry Abrasive Blasting technology for surface restoration and preparation.

  • Eco Friendly

    Eco Friendly

    We employ dust reducing equipment & measures to ensure site safety

  • Free Quote

    Free Quote

    We provide free and accurate quotes for our services with no obligations.

  • Mobile Surface Solutions

    Mobile Surface Solutions

    We provide onsite Sandblasting, coming to you wherever in Melbourne & Sydney, saving you time and money.

Specialists in the Surface Restoration & Preparation Industry

We can provide assistance with:

Our Sandblasting Technology

We understand that any delay to production can be detrimental to your business. Therefore, we operate a service delivery system that minimises the disruption to your daily operations.

We provide a mobile abrasive blasting service, coming to you to provide an on-site surface solution. Whether it’s assisting a builder with stone, brick or concrete projects, performing remediation blasting solutions for project management groups, or providing a paint removal service for a council, we guarantee quality and satisfaction.

Using our cutting-edge Wet & Dry Sandblasting equipment, we are fully insured and ideal for residential, commercial and industrial projects across Melbourne and Sydney.  We can help maximise returns by presenting your commercial property in its restored original condition.

We are the industry’s leading choice for onsite sandblasting projects as we utilise multiple abrasive blasting technologies including Wet & Dry Sandblasting and Vacuum Blasting. Here are some of the advantages of our sandblasting technology:

  • Dustless Sandblasting Technology– This eco-friendly wet abrasive blasting technology is the perfect solution for any on-site blasting projects, eliminating the need for containment and plant shutdown due to minimal disruption to surrounding areas.
  • Adding Water – The addition of water into the sandblasting process produces 50% less waste and achieving a 95% dust reduction in comparison to traditional sandblasting methodologies, providing the ideal alternative when blasting is required in sensitive spaces.
  • Traditional Dry Sandblasting– Our high-quality American Manufactured machines can be used to assist on a range of project, providing a solution powerful enough to get through the toughest coatings and paints, in additional to servicing the surface preparation and corrosion control industry.
  • Vacuum Blasting– Our negative pressure abrasive blasting system can be used to assist on a niche group of surfaces. Unlike conventional sandblasting technology, our system operates within an enclosed chamber, simultaneously recycling all waste and abrasives making it suitable for internal projects.

Concrete Sandblasting

In addition to the removal of surface paint and undercoats, our clients turn to us for an textured and exposed aggregate appearance that sandblasted concrete offers. We have vast experience assisting architects and project managers to achieve a coarsened profile and sandblasted finish on a variety projects.  We can apply our expertise and technology to:

  • Driveways, footpaths, pathways, drives
  • Concrete areas
  • Exposed Aggregate
  • Remove paint or sealer
  • Concrete stairs
  • Pavers
  • New estates, shopping centres, schools, office blocks and parks

Mobile Sandblasting in Sydney & Melbourne

At VacuBlast, we can come any site in Melbourne or Sydney to provide our mobile sandblasting service. Our mobile sandblasting in Sydney and Melbourne can remove paint, corrosion and industrial coatings from a wide range of surfaces. Using a variety of Abrasive Blasting equipment, our Mobile Sandblasting is the perfect surface restoration and preparation solution for industrial and commercial cliental.

Our Mobile Sandblasting in Melbourne and Sydney consists of expertly trained staff with over 15 years’ experience in the corrosion control industry and a sound knowledge of compliance with Australian Standards.

Our team can assist with safe and effective mobile sandblasting for the following applications:

  • Paint Removal from Warehouses, Buildings and Factories
  • Exposed Aggregate Finishes to specification for a variety of Concrete surfaces
  • Removal of paint and rust from Machinery, Mining Equipment and Vehicles.
  • Structural Steel Surface Preparation and Restoration
  • Exposing of Brick, Timber and Concrete to original condition
  • Blast Cleaning of Silos, Tanks, Pipes and other steel structures or assets

If you need mobile sandblasting in Melbourne or Sydney, find out how VacuBlast can help you. We’ve got years of experience using our specialty equipment for mobile sandblasting in Sydney and Melbourne.

Steel Sandblasting

We are experienced in assisting the building and construction industries in sandblasting large quantities of structural steel, removing rust and corrosion whilst leaving a profile ready for protective coating. Using our technology, we can sandblast:

  • Stainless steel
  • RHS beams
  • Staircases
  • Structural steel
  • Steel parts



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