About Us

About VacuBlast

Experienced in all aspects of the surface preparation and restoration industry, we operate a highly dependable and skilled team dedicated to customer satisfaction. Through our professional approach to every abrasive blasting project, our clients have the confidence of liaising with a workforce capable of achieving their desired results.

Our specified technology is the future in surface preparation and the industries preferred on-site sandblasting solution.

Why Choose Us?

  • VacuBlast comprises a team of dedicated tradesmen, all of whom are devoted to solving the challenges faced by you and your property.
  • Our technology is 100% eco-friendly, cleaning and restoring without the use of chemicals
  • Our technology produces no harmful emissions or hazardous waste as a by-product of its use.
  • We can blast, prepare and restore a wide range of surfaces in Melbourne & Sydney with minimal disruption to surrounding areas.
  • We possess the knowledge and ability to successfully remove paint, mortar, rust and corrosion a variety of surface.
  • VacuBlast is wholly owned and managed, ensuring our clients are always provided with the most competitive rates.
  • Before and after photos are taken of every client’s individual project to ensure the highest possible standards of quality assurance.
  • We pledge to always respond promptly to any service or quote request.

To learn more or to request a quote for our services in Melbourne & Sydney, call VacuBlast today on 1300 986 877