Austral Bricks – Horsley Park

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Horsley Park, New South Wales 2175, Australia

Austral Bricks – Horsley Park

VacuBlast was proud to partner with Parkes Constructions Pty Ltd to assist with refurbishments to Austral Bricks (Horsley Park) Kiln facility. Firstly, we were engaged to undertake the removal of Lead Paint identified on the structural columns 0 – 3 metres high totalling 450 m2. In addition, the scope of works required removal 3,500 m2 of remaining non-hazardous coating from all columns and rafters, plus the application of Dulux Duremax GFX (250um) protective coating.

With the application of PeelAway paint removal system, VacuBlast was able to safely remove the layers of lead paint and restore the columns to original condition. VacuBlast proceeded to remove the remaining coating using an Abrasive Blasting methodology, preparing the steel surface to an AS 1627.4 Class 2.5 finish in preparation for protective coating. Following coating removal and surface preparation, VacuBlast completed the application of Dulux Duremax GFX (250um), using an Airless Spray methodology and stripe coating all welds.

Both Parkes Construction and Austral Bricks were remarkably pleased with the quality and efficiency of VacuBlast’s skilled technicians. With many alternate projects Quoted for Parkes Constructions recently, we look forward to partnering again soon.