Automotive Restoration

Automotive Restoration in Sydney

Automotive Restoration in Sydney has never been easier with our mobile Dustless Blasting solution. Whether it be rust removal, or a duco strip from a classic car or truck, VacuBlast offers the perfect solution. Best of all…we come to you, saving you time and money. We can assist with the restoration of all vehicle types in Sydney from cars, utes and RVs through to trucks, buses, tractors and more. We guarantee to strip your vehicle back to bare metal in preparation for spray painting.

Able to restore the surfaces of entire vehicles as well as single parts, we can remove all traces of:

  • Body filler
  • Rust
  • Primer
  • Paint
  • And more

We can also assist with the removal of displays, decals and paint from fleet vehicles. Enquire today to obtain a quote.

Our Technology

For automotive restoration in Sydney, nothing compares with our Dustless Blasting equipment.  This technology uses a pressurised stream of crushed glass and water to strip away paint and other substances without the risk of panel damage that can occur with traditional sandblasting techniques.  As we use no chemicals in our process and the addition of water acts as a natural dust suppressant, our solution is 100% eco-friendly.   We can safely clean everything from panels and wheels through to bull bars, roof racks and more. Call us today for all of your automotive restoration requirements in Sydney.


We Deliver

To learn more or request a quote for our automotive restoration in Sydney, get in touch with VacuBlast today by calling 0433 911 779.