Key Questions to Ask When Hiring a Sandblasting Specialist

When preparing and restoring a specific substrate in preparation for protective coating application, it is essential to ensure a complete clean surface clear of corrosion, paint, weld slag, grime, oil, salt deposits and dust. This to guarantee the coating chemistry is not compromised once applied to the surface profile. There are numerous methods of achieving this, however sandblasting is largely considered the ideal surface preparation technique and the most effective…

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The Process & Benefits of Sandblasting Concrete Surfaces

Looking for a perfectsolution to add texture to an existing or newly poured concrete surface without causing damage to the substrate? Whether treatinga council footpath or new construction build slab, an exposed aggregate sandblasted finish adds aesthetic appeal and provides a non-slip surface compliant with Australian Standards. Sandblasting is the ideal methodfor exposing concrete aggregate, possessing the ability to closely monitorthe blasting pressure, in addition to the specific abrasive required.This…

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