Concrete Sandblasting

Concrete Sandblasting Melbourne & Sydney

VacuBlast offers a complete onsite solution for concrete sandblasting, assisting project managers, architects and industrial cliental throughout the Melbourne and Sydney areas.

Using our advanced Wet & Dry  Sandblasting technology, we can achieve any desired surface profile, from delivering a brushed sandblasted finish to further exposing aggregate or providing a non-slip surface. Our sandblasting method is the ideal approach to coarsen, texture or harden a variety of concrete surfaces, providing varying degrees of sandblasting to suit the requirements of the concrete project. Delivering light, medium or deep aggregate exposure upon the client’s request.

In addition, our workforce can restore any concrete surface to original condition by removing unwanted surface contaminants including paint, epoxy coatings and sealants. Preparing and delivering a surface primed for further treatment.

We have a wealth of experience in sandblasting all concrete areas including:

  • Driveways & Pathways
  • New estates & Office blocks
  • Shopping centres
  • Parks
  • Larger concrete slabs


Whether sandblasting to deliver a coarsened profile or to remove unwanted surface contaminants, our clients have the confidents of liaising with a highly dependable and skilled team dedicated to bringing value to every project.

Our Technology

At VacuBlast we utilise American manufactured Dustless Blasting equipment. This Wet & Dry Abrasive Blasting approach is specifically tailored to onsite projects in sensitive areas where airborne contaminants need be contained to avoid site disruption or plant shut down. The introduction of water into the sandblasting process significantly reduces dust by up to 95%, whilst producing 50% less mess than traditional dry sandblasting methods. By adding water we’re also drastically increasing the mass and energy output resulting in a solution capable of removing stubborn epoxy coating and paint.