Ausport Jade

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Taren Point, New South Wales 2229, Australia

Ausport Jade

Austral Asian Maritime Group engaged the services of VacuBlast to complete maintenance and refurbishment works to their vessel, the Ausport Jade. The vessel was heavily corroded, after multiple years since the previous maintenance was completed. VacuBlast continued to be instructed to carry out the abrasive blasting and re-coating of the Ausport Jade.

The Ausport Jade was Dry Docked at Marina Bayside, within proximity of neighbouring vessels. Consequently, VacuBlast were required to construct an encapsulation system to ensure all dust and overspray were contained within the enclosure and remove any risk of potential damage to surrounding assets.

VacuBlast commenced with multiple surface preparation techniques, prior to protective coating application. Utilising both abrasive blasting and needle gun / scabbling methodologies to remove the existing coating and severely accrued rust, we were able to sufficiently prepare the substrate to required substrate profile specification.

VacuBlast proceeded to apply the 3-Coat Jotun protective coating system to the entire vessel, in the desired Blue, White and Red colourway. Due to the array of various surfaces and intricacies of the Ausport Jade, a combination of spray, brush and roll methods were used.

VacuBlast was successfully able to apply the specified Jotun Protective Coating system to the required film thickness of 350um, whilst additionally delivering an aesthetically pleasing finish to the Ausport Jade. Austral Asian Maritime Group now has the confidence to operate their vessel with corrosion protection for 10 Years or more.