An Environmentally-Friendly Choice

At VacuBlast, we pride ourselves on looking after the environment by using eco-friendly equipment that doesn’t cause harm to the environment. We believe that it’s of the utmost importance to maintain and preserve the environment for future generations, which is why we choose to use vacuum blasting and dustless blasting technology that’s 100% eco-friendly.

What Makes Our Equipment Different? 

Our equipment is an Eco-Friendly choice because it:

  • Uses no chemicals
  • Produces minimal dust
  • We ensure the area is correctly prepared and contained for the sandblasting process
  • Doesn’t produce harmful emissions
  • Can be safely used in the vicinity of workers

Learn More Today

At VacuBlast, we’re committed to doing our bit for the environment however we can. To learn more about our eco-friendly methods, or to request a quote for our services in Melbourne & Sydney, contact us today on 1300 986 877.