IXOM – Laverton (VIC)

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215 Dohertys Rd, Laverton North VIC 3026


A multiple level module onsite IXOM’s desalination and chemical distribution plant was suffering from severe corrosion and early indications of structural damages. This existing largely due to the high degree of hydrochloric acid being unintentionally applied to the platform, causing the steel substrate to rust over time. IXOM engaged the services of VacuBlast to remove the existing coating system and heavy corrosion, restoring the steel platform to original condition. Following the surface preparation process, VacuBlast applied an anti-corrosion protective coating to ensure durability of the steel module.

IXOM’s operation involves rigorous policies and procedures ensuring safe work methods are practised to guarantee zero harm is inflicted and daily processes aren’t disturbed. As a result, it was essential VacuBlast erected substantial encapsulation to ensure all dust and airborne contaminants remained within the containment lines of the module requiring treatment. Further assisting to these efforts, the use of a 12,000 cfm Dust Collector was employed, in addition to an Industrial Vacuum unit to allow all abrasive and waste to be accounted for and taken offsite.
Using an abrasive blasting methodology, in conjunction with a 30/60 garnet abrasive, VacuBlast was able to effectively strip the existing coating system and corrosion from the surface, preparing the steel to Australian Standard AS 1627.4 class 2.5 blast.
Using a rolling and methodology, VacuBlast proceeded to apply the protective coating product over each individual steel platform of the multiple levelled module. Continuing to ensure the product was applied within specification and slip resistance requirements of AS 4586 were adhered to.

VacuBlast successfully delivered a quality product within the 7-day schedule allocated by IXOM, far outperforming upper management’s expectations of the project. As a result of our skilled and dedicated workforce, IXOM is now in possession of a module they are confident will combat corrosion and provide durability for several years.