Lane Cove Tunnel (NSW)

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Lane Cove Tunnel, Sydney NSW


VacuBlast was contracted by Pan Civil and TransUrban to remove 3,000 m2 of 75 mil thick fire-retardant material / coating from the Lane Cove Tunnel overpass, to restore the shotcrete surface to original architectural condition in order for refurbishments and repaired damages.

The FRM removal was completed at night, consequentially resulting in a full LCT closure. Traffic management plans were issued to ensure the restricted access of authorised personal only.
Prior to sandblasting commencement, the erection of dust curtains, dust collectors and sound barriers were assembled to restrict the extent of noise and airborne contaminants to within the enclosed operational environment.
Using a wet abrasive blasting methodology to further supress and contain all dust, our team effectively operated 3 x Sandblasting machines per night, ensuring maximum productivity was achieved with the limited blasting time allocated per shift. Once the objective of 10 lineal metres of removed FRM per night was achieved, the responsibility was then to ensure all abrasive, detached FRM and waste was cleaned and disposed of for LCT tunnel re-opening at 5:00am.

Engineer reports confirmed that VacuBlast successfully managed to remove all fire-retardant coating from the specified area to allow repairs to be undertaken. Our wet abrasive blasting methodology proved to be the ideal restoration solution to not only strip through the tough FRM, but to ensure operations were completed with minimal disruption to neighbouring properties and alternate maintenance being conducted by other contractors within the LCT. Both TransUrban and Pan Civil praised the efforts of the VacuBlast team from project start to finish.