Line Mark Removal

Line Mark Removal in Melbourne & Sydney

Need to remove painted lines from a surface? VacuBlast offers a fast and simple solution with our eco-friendly surface restoration and preparation equipment that’s capable of removing painted lines and markings without causing damage to surfaces. Whether you’re a council needing line mark removal in Melbourne & Sydney from various roads, or require existing painted line removal from a industrial warehouse, you can trust our team has the perfect solution.

Proudly offering our services for commercial, civic and industrial clients, we can remove paint and thermoplastic line marks from the following:

  • Roads
  • Car parks
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Playgrounds
  • Sporting courts
  • And more

Our Technology

We have access to two different types of technology for line mark removal in Melbourne & Sydney. Our Dustless Blasting equipment removes painted lines and markings using a crushed glass abrasive and water. This method works effectively by significantly suppressing all dust a airborne contaminants, limiting the need for containment.

For internal projects, our vacuum blasting equipment can be used. This technology cleans surfaces with a minimally abrasive negative pressure jet that uses no water or chemicals.

Both methodologies are an eco-friendly choice compared to other chemical solutions, causing no damage to concrete or other hard surfaces as seen in traditional grinding methods.

VacuBlast Line mark Removal

Dustless Blasting Painted Line Removal

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