Malvern Road Paint Removal(VIC)

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Corner of Hobson St and Malvern Road, South Yarra.

Stonnington Council engaged the services of VacuBlast to efficiently and effectively remove a large paint spill that had occurred as a result of an overturned vehicle on Malvern Road.

Given the necessity to divert traffic and the high volume of passing vehicles, VacuBlast initially sourced the assistance of STA Traffic that developed a traffic management plan to allow us the ability to safely operate in the area.

Tailored to onsite projects in sensitive areas, we used our wet abrasive blasting method to successfully remove the paint spill from the roads asphalt surface within 3 metres of oncoming traffic and without causing disruption to the flow of traffic or the operations of nearby businesses.

VacuBlast managed to remove all traces of the paint from the asphalt surface within the area without disturbing pedestrian or vehicle traffic