North Ryde Park (NSW)

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Pittwater rd north Ryde: North Ryde Park (NSW)

VacuBlast was contracted by the City of Ryde council to remove 182 square metres of multiple layered paint from the sportsground amenity block at North Ryde Park, preparing the surface for further painting.

Using our mobile sandblasting unit, VacuBlast was able to position ourselves beside the concrete surface of the amenity block, allowing us to remove the paint without causing disruption to nearby pedestrians. Employing our Dustless Blasting technology all paint was properly removed in a timely manner, whilst all airborne contaminates were contained and then disposed of correctly, leaving a paint ready surface.

The City of Ryde was left with a paint free amenity block as VacuBlast managed to successfully restore the concrete surface to original condition and prepare the surface for painting.