Steel Sandblasting

Steel Sandblasting in Melbourne & Sydney

Specialising in sandblasting all types of steel for commercial and industrial clients in Melbourne & Sydney, VacuBlast can restore and prepare a variety of steel structures. Our abrasive blasting methods clean steel to remove paint, rust, grease and grime preparing the surface for the application of commercial or industrial protective coating.

Experienced in preparing metals for long-term preservation, our skilled workforce caters to all requirements. Whether sandblasting smooth surfaces to roughen the profile, sandblasting rough surfaces to smooth the profile, or removing surface contaminants to expose original metal, we can provide assistance.

We utilise a wide range of abrasive materials in our sandblasting processes depending on the requested profile finish and micron specifications of the steel. We use various grades of garnet, crushed glass, glass bead or steel shot, ensuring we’re delivering and preparing a surface to our client’s requirements.

Our Degrees of Abrasive Blasting

VacuBlast offers different degrees of abrasive blasting in Melbourne to comply with industry surface standards:

  • Blast Class 1: Very light, whip over blast clean with removal of loose surface contaminants.
  • Blast Class 2: Substantial blast clean with widespread, visible contaminant removal and base metal colour appearing.
  • Blast Class 2.5: Intense blast clean leaving shaded grey metal with only small, isolated flecks or strips of visible contaminants.
  • Blast Class 3: Complete blast clean with consistent metal colour all over and no visible contaminants.

Abrasive blasting is an essential procedure for any steel project, product or structure. New or old steel that has not undergone sandblasting treatment will fail to deliver a prepared surface for the application of paint or protective coating, resulting in coatings not adhering to the steel or metal surface. At VacuBlast, we ensure the surface is clean and prepared for its next application.

Need to clean a surface before applying a protective coating? As a part of our surface preparation process, we can assist with:

  • Structural Steel
  • Commercial Pumps
  • Truck Chassis
  • Industrial Steel Structures
  • Cars
  • Semi Trailers
  • Truck / Ute Trays
  • Earth Moving Equipment
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Automotive Components

Additionally, if you require undercoating or top coating of your steel surface, our team can also provide this service.

Industrial Restoration

In addition to steel sandblasting, VacuBlast can assist with a wide range of industrial restoration requirements across Melbourne, including surface preparation and spill and stain removal. Using specialised equipment that’s eco-friendly and capable of removing paint, primer, rust, grease and other contaminants, we can help with everything from the cleaning of holding tanks and metal machinery through to corrosion removal and concrete floor stain removal. Whether it’s for a factory, a petro chemical refinery or a steelworks, you can trust our industrial restoration in Melbourne to obtain the best results.

To learn more about our steel sandblasting and industrial restoration services in Melbourne, contact our friendly team today.