Visioneer Builders Warehouse (VIC)

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Visioneer Builders Warehouse, Richmond (VIC)

Visioneer Builders contacted VacuBlast to achieve a particular and quite unique finish on the brick surface surrounding their newly acquired warehouse in Richmond.

Visioneer desired an industrial and rustic appearance on the painted bricks, giving their warehouse an urban feel.

With multiple architect’s present ensuring the desired finish was achieved, VacuBlast was able to monitor both the pressure being applied to the surface via our sandblasting machinery and the abrasive materials used, to gradually remove the white paint from the bricks until the envisioned appearance was realised. Once the square metre test area was confirmed, we were able to replicate this finish over the remaining 200 m2.

Through a high degree of concentration VacuBlast was able to deliver a surface that accurately fitted the criteria imagined prior to project commencement, giving Visioneer Builders an industrial feel to their warehouse.